CoSN today issued a set of guidelines for school systems that are bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into schools. With its increasing presence in education, AI is offering ways to enhance teaching and learning while raising important questions about student data privacy policies and practices.
“AI has the potential to personalize learning and support teachers, but this technology must be implemented thoughtfully in school systems,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “We developed this resource to help school leaders do just that and ensure they put the correct policies in place to protect student data privacy.”
The new brief addresses several areas that school system leaders need to consider in guaranteeing the safe, effective use of AI technology, including:
  • Deciding why AI is important to bring to the classroom and how will it help achieve educational goals.
  • Ensuring AI-enabled products are used in compliance with federal and state student data privacy laws.
  • Effectively communicating with parents to explain how AI will benefit their students.
The new brief also provides an AI checklist for school systems and their implementation strategies.
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