CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) today released two resources to help school districts improve their interoperability – the seamless sharing of data content and services between systems and applications. The two tools, a maturity model and a self-assessment tool, will help districts determine their level of interoperability and state of digital readiness.
The new resources are created through CoSN’s expanded Interoperability Standards initiative, which is supported by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. CoSN is also partnering with Project Unicorn, a national coalition that advocates for K-12 interoperability.
“Weak interoperability means students lack access to personalized learning while precious educational resources are being diverted from 21st century needs. Making school systems fully interoperable will better enable districts to leverage the potential and promise of technology. These two resources will help put districts on that path,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN.
The maturity model provides a common language for talking about interoperability across all types of digital ecosystems. The model breaks down the levels of interoperability based on the readiness of districts in the following areas:
·       Leadership & Vision;
·       IT Governance;
·       Data Governance;
·       Information & System Integration; and
·       Infrastructure.
Both resources are core components of CoSN’s forthcoming Interoperability Toolkit. To explore the maturity model and online self-assessment, visit here.
Last year, CoSN issued a report to give school technology leaders an understanding of why interoperability matters. The report highlighted the most important, widely used and emerging standards. 
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