CoSN is Here for the Kids!

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There’s never been a more critical time for all of us to work together to support public education and our students’ success. CoSN is proud to support a critical effort to help ensure a bright future for our children.

The Here for the Kids campaign brings together families, educators, and community members to shine a light on local public schools and tell the stories of the amazingly positive things happening in classrooms and school buildings nationwide.

The Learning First Alliance will officially launch the campaign on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., from 9:30 to 11 a.m. ET. We invite you to watch the live stream on Twitter or Facebook

Regardless of their family income or where they live, every child deserves equitable access to high quality learning environments. We are working to redesign today’s classrooms to prepare our students for tomorrow. CoSN is proud to be one of the 12 collaborating partners on this important campaign.

The past three years have placed a spotlight on America’s educators and school professionals, who have shown us how truly committed they are to helping children thrive despite unprecedented challenges. In every community across America, schools are partnering with parents and families to ensure all children can achieve their full potential.

Although we do not always agree on how to get there, we can come together around our shared values of ensuring every child feels accepted, believes they can succeed, and builds the critical skills to succeed in a diverse world.

As we know, when we support our public schools, we support our kids. Families, communities, and our nation’s future depends on the next generation. Let’s support one another and work together to prepare our kids for the opportunities that await them!

To learn more and to find some quick and simple ways you can help, visit


About CoSN

CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) is the premier professional association for school system technology leaders. CoSN provides thought leadership resources, community best practices and advocacy tools to help leaders succeed in the digital transformation. CoSN represents over 13 million students in school districts nationwide and continues to grow as a powerful and influential voice in K-12 education.


Kate Klimaszewski,, 202-822-9491

Published on: October 4th, 2022