In October 2017, CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) led a delegation of school technology leaders and experts to New Zealand to learn about the country’s innovative education policies and methods. CoSN today revealed the group’s lessons learned in a new report, Education Innovation Down Under.  
The CoSN delegation to New Zealand and report are made possible through the generous support of HP.  
“Across New Zealand, we discovered firsthand the nation’s bold, successful and proven education models in action,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “By striking a balance between central and local authority in creating modern learning settings, New Zealand’s students are being equipped with the skills they need for the future. We will bring our observations back into our own school districts and communities.”
During the nine-day visit, the delegation visited classrooms, held thought leadership roundtable discussions and met with New Zealand’s government officials, local leaders, educators and the private sector community to get a complete view of New Zealand’s educational efforts. The group found that personalized learning is apparent throughout their learning settings and strong school leadership promotes successful student learning.
Additional major insights revealed in Education Innovation Down Under for improving and transforming the learning process include:
  1. Space matters. Open and flexible classroom design promotes collaboration and exploration.
  1. Embrace student curiosity and passion. This encourages students to learn from their mistakes and experience true learning.
  1. Encourage and support leadership and collaboration. Only through strong leadership can teachers and students flourish.
  1. Balance central control and local autonomy. Guided by a framework, schools engage in decision-making that directly affects their students and teachers.
  1. View technology as a tool. It important to integrate technology throughout the learning process and use it as a tool.
The New Zealand delegation continues CoSN’s global educational exchange. Over the last 15 years, CoSN has led delegations to Ireland (2016), India (2015), Singapore (2015), Portugal (2013), South America (2011), London and Paris (2011), Scotland and the Netherlands (2009), Scandinavia (2007), Australia (2004) and Europe (2002).
To read the full report, as well as learn about CoSN’s global leadership efforts, please visit here.