Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly emerging technology being used throughout society – how might it be used in classrooms? CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) explores the opportunities, as well as the challenges, in a new report released today, titled Artificial Intelligence: Could emerging technologies “humanize” teaching & learning?

The latest in CoSN’s EdTechNext publication series, the report was issued at the CoSN 2018 Annual Conference in Washington, DC.
“AI may hold the potential to personalize instruction and learning. Yet its use in educational settings will require educators and school leaders to develop an understanding of how it can be implemented safely and smartly,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “We’re excited to publish this resource at our 2018 CoSN Annual Conference, where school leaders, scholars and experts are discussing these emerging technologies and how they might shape the future.”
The new report defines AI – a device or computer system that performs human intelligence tasks leveraging complex data sets – looks at the current AI landscape and envisions the future role it might play. As the report details, AI is already showing how it is personalizing learning, lending pedagogical support for teachers and delivering remarkable insights to administrators. Examples include:
  • Mixed Reality. Students are engaging with an educational platform that combines the physical world and virtual world, aiming to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills.
  • Augmented Reality. “Smart glasses” are being piloted for teachers, which would allow them to, in real-time, assess student progress and compare performance across the entire class.
  • Cognitive Tutors. A combination of computer science, cognitive science and big data is delivering customized instruction to students and new insights to teachers.
In addition, the report demonstrates how some universities are employing applications that support student learning through time-management systems and chat bots.
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