CoSN CEO Keith Krueger today issued the following statement on the Administration’s fiscal year 2018 budget request:  
“To grow America’s economy and society, we need to invest in our students and the educational opportunities that will make them thrive. This means supporting robust education networks, improved broadband access and impactful technology – all of which are becoming the backbone of modern, engaging learning environments.
“Unfortunately, the Trump Administration’s proposed budget goes in the opposite direction with irresponsible cuts in the Education Department, and, in particular, eliminating funding for ESSA Title IV-A. This block grant program would provide school districts with vital funding for technology and other local needs. As education has gone digital, technology is not just nice to have, but is essential to learning.
“Our nation’s policymakers should stand up for our students and educators and give them the support to excel in 21st century settings. The Administration and Congress should ensure Title IV-A is fully funded when the Department of Education’s budget lands on the President’s desk.”