Official CoSN Statement 

Acting FCC Chairman Ajit Pai correctly identified America’s digital divide as one of the “most significant” issues we face. 

Despite this important acknowledgement, the FCC made the puzzling, detrimental action, under Chairman Pai’s leadership, to cut off the Lifeline program’s support for expanding broadband access to low-income American households.

On behalf of the more than 800 school districts and the 13 million students served by CoSN, we are deeply concerned with this action and its impact on low-income students. Without this access, many students across America will fall behind their peers and not be able to take full advantage of the learning opportunities that are critical to 21st century success. All students in America, regardless of their economic status, deserve more – not less – access to digital learning.

CoSN stands firm in our steadfast commitment to better connect all learners at home and in school. Our nation’s leaders need to take steps to close, not increase, the digital divide in communities nationwide.

We also urge the FCC to reverse its decision to rescind the recent “E-rate Modernization Progress Report.” Promoting public transparency about the program’s impact is critical to its long-term success.  

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