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CTO Leadership Forums are held twice a year (at CoSN's and ISTE's Annual Conferences) and provide opportunities for district-level technology directors to share information with their peers and keep up-to-date on the best practices and solutions to ed tech challenges. CTO Forum Reports are written after each event and made available to members in our Knowledge Center.
These events are free, but registration is required.

CTO Forum at the 2020  CoSN Annual Conference 
Wednesday, March 18th 
9:00 – 10:30 AM ET

Navigating the Balance of Artificial Intelligence and How Privacy & Ethics Matter

In this digital age, enterprises across all industries, including education are actively discussing the privacy vs. security debate. Artificial Intelligence impacts this discussion and how we respond and navigate effectively to these various technologies while balancing threats that schools and educational institutions face today. This CTO Forum will be a facilitated discussion around these topics and how these impact schools and the education environment.


Scott Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Instruction and Technology
Mooresville Graded School District (NC)

Kelly May-Vollmar, Chief Innovation and Information Officer
Desert Sands Unified School District (CA)

The Forum is free for CoSN members who attend the CoSN conference but registration is required. For more information and to register, please visit the CoSN Conference site

Past CTO Forums

June 2019: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: It’s Not a Technology Issue (Report Coming Soon)
Are you creating the trust needed to leverage the power of technology to innovate and succeed? The June forum focused on:
1) Professional Development: privacy and security training and
2) Classroom Practice: educational procedures and processes to ensure transparency.
April 2019: Phishes, Hackers, and Breaches, Oh My! (Report Coming Soon)
The Forum at CoSN 2019 focused on data privacy strategies in three practice areas:
1) Leadership – managing and developing policies regarding the use and governance of student data to inform instruction
2) Business – developing vetting processes and contracts that address applicable compliance laws while supporting innovation
3) Data Security Practice – performing and learning from regular audits of data privacy and security practices
June 2018: Building a Community Conversation on Digital Equity
The June 2018 CTO Forum focused on leveraging the power of technology to close the digital divide among students. Technology can help overcome barriers of time and distance that teachers often face, but if not leveraged properly, it can also exacerbate the achievement gap. Alleviating accessibility challenges is crucial to success for all students, and research clearly shows that technology is one of the best means of leveling the playing field for students, especially when it comes to securing equal access to learning resources.
March 2018: Taking Action on Closing the Digital Divide
The March 2018 CTO Forum focused on leveraging the power of technology to close the digital divide among students. Leaders from school districts discussed ways in which they have addressed this issue and developed innovative strategies to provide ALL students the connectivity they need to continue their learning out of school.  
June 2017: Plugging into the Matrix: Where are you in the Digital Leap?
Where are you in the digital leap? As school system technology leaders, we facilitate and drive instruction leading to the digital transition in our schools—and overcome both the expected and unexpected challenges. Explore the many aspects of a digital transformation, including leadership & vision, infrastructure, and business management, that are fundamental requirements for the school system to create next-generation learning environments that foster equitable, effective use of technology. 
April 2017: Beyond the Horizon
The world in which we live and learn continues to change rapidly.  Artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving automobiles, and virtual reality are examples of technology changes on the horizon. These technologies will have a wide-reaching impact on the ways students learn and the competencies they need to succeed.  The CTO Forum explored this issue and seek answers to key questions such as: How will technology changes and advances impact teaching and learning?; What are the essential skills that technology leaders need to enable a culture of innovation and digital transformation?; and How do we build our own leadership capacities while preparing the next generation of CTOs?  

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