Since the Driving K-12 Innovation initiative first began in 2019, education has changed exponentially. There are constantly new Hurdles (barriers), Accelerators (mega-trends), and Tech Enablers (tools) that are emerging in the education system, as well as topics that stay top of mind for changemakers year after year. (Our Advisor Board Members who’ve been part of the project since the start recently weighed in on this topic.)

One thing is certain: Our Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board – made up of about 100 global educators and IT professionals – makes their voice heard annually by sharing valuable insights, inspiring others with first-hand stories, encouraging fellow Board Members to see a topic in a new light, and much more. 

The Advisory Board participates in an annual process in which they:

  • complete the initial survey to select topics for discussion;
  • enjoy synchronous and asynchronous discussion to analyze, celebrate, and debate a wide variety of topics driving K-12 innovation;
  • take a final survey to select the Top Topics that will be featured in the annual publications.

We’ve recently wrapped up our 2023 final survey, and are proud to share with you the Top Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers that are driving innovation in K-12 education for the coming year!

2023 Hurdles

Top 3 most important Hurdles for schools to address in 2023 in order to pave the way for teaching and learning innovation and extraordinary student outcomes:

  1. Attracting & Retaining Educators and IT Professionals
  2. Designing Effective Digital Ecosystems 
  3. Digital Equity

2023 Accelerators 

Top 3 most important Accelerators for schools to address in 2023 in order to pave the way for teaching and learning innovation and extraordinary student outcomes:

  1.  Building the Human Capacity of Leaders
  2.  Learner Agency
  3.  Social & Emotional Learning

2023 Tech Enablers

Top 3 most important Tech Enablers for schools leverage in 2023 in order to surmount Hurdles and embrace Accelerators:

  1.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2.  Untethered Broadband & Connectivity
  3. Rich Digital Ecosystemdrivingk12topics2023

Join Us at the 2023 Driving K-12 Innovation Summit!

This year, we’ll be hosting one Driving K-12 Innovation Summit on Wednesday, February 1, from 12:00-2:00p.m. EST. At the 2023 Summit, we’ll amplify the voices of the international educators, technologists, and changemakers who are making a difference in students’ lives daily. 

Enjoy watching some of the project’s Advisory Board members take part in a fun and challenging activity: to define the 2023 Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers that were voted most important for the coming year. They’ll also share case studies and tips for each topic, too. Register today!

More about Driving K-12 Innovation: Ad Board Member Dives Deeper into Emerging Technologies in K-12 on Podcast

2022 Advisory Board Members David Jarboe of Harrison School District (Colorado Springs) and Beatriz Arnillas of the IMS Global Learning Consortium were recently guests on the Equity & Access Pre K-12 podcast by the American Consortium for Equity in Education! They discussed emerging products and innovations in technology for schools globally. Listen now!

Author: Stephanie King

Published on: December 14th,  2022

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