CoSN is proud to introduce the enhanced CoSN Digital Equity Dashboard. This powerful resource, developed in partnership with Innive, aims to revolutionize the way school districts access and utilize data for making crucial decisions. Designed to aggregate publicly available data, this innovative tool places the focus squarely on improving home and school connectivity, while offering a wealth of valuable information for education stakeholders.  

digital equity dashboard

Our vision at CoSN is that the Digital Equity Dashboard becomes an indispensable asset at the federal, state, and local levels, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for K12 learners. We invite school leaders to harness the potential of this platform to foster collaboration with community partners, including libraries and healthcare providers, initiating vital conversations on how to bridge the home-to-school connectivity divide.

The Dashboard was created in collaboration with Dell Technologies and Google.  Additionally, we are delighted to announce Common Sense Media as our media partner, a renowned advocate for connecting families and communities in the digital age.

common sense logo

Common Sense Logo (PRNewsFoto/Common Sense)

Here are some of the recent enhancements to the Digital Equity Dashboard that make it an even more indispensable resource for school leaders:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: We have simplified and improved the user interface, facilitating detailed analysis of individual Local Education Agencies (LEAs).
  2. Enhanced Tooltips: Tooltips on every page have been improved for better usability.
  3. Common Sense Logo Inclusion: The cover page now proudly displays the Common Sense Media logo, emphasizing our commitment to digital equity.
  4. Migration Data Integration: We have incorporated migration data using IRS data to enrich the dashboard’s indicators.
  5. Streamlined State IDs: Corrected logic ensures that State IDs are retained consistently from page to page, providing a seamless experience.
  6. Improved LEA Selection: Enhanced logic allows for easier selection of a single LEA and viewing county and LEA data.
  7. Intuitive Navigation: Data story tabs have been replaced with buttons and actions for an intuitive browsing experience.
  8. State Summary Page: A new State Summary Page has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview.
  9. Consistent Map Display: Improved logic ensures consistent map display across the dashboard.
  10. Enhanced Filtering: County and Locale filters have been added to the State LEA List Page for greater customization.
  11. Metrics Catalog: The Metrics Catalog has been revamped for clarity and accessibility.
  12. Standardized Metrics: Metrics on the LEA List have been standardized for easier comparison.
  13. Updated Data: All data has been updated with the most recent information, ensuring relevance and accuracy.
  14. Zip Code Analysis: Added ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) data to the Zip Code Analysis for a more comprehensive understanding.
  15. Color-Coded Insights: Schools are now color-coded by Income to Poverty Ratio on the School Map for quick insights.
  16. Expanded County Indicators: We’ve expanded county-level indicators to provide a broader perspective.
  17. Comprehensive LEA Indicators: LEA indicators have also been expanded to offer deeper insights.
  18. Customization Options: Multiple options have been added to color code LEAs on the State Summary map, allowing for tailored visualizations.
  19. Staff Count Breakdown: Staff Counts by Type have been incorporated into LEA indicators for a comprehensive overview.
  20. Enhanced Educational Attainment Metrics: Educational attainment metrics have been enhanced to provide valuable insights.
  21. Universal Support: The Digital Equity Dashboard now fully supports Unified, Secondary, and Elementary Districts, accommodating a wide range of educational settings.

We invite school leaders and your community partners to explore the revamped CoSN Digital Equity Dashboard and leverage its transformative capabilities for the betterment of K12 education. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and create brighter futures for our students.

Author: Lucy Gray, CoSN Digital Equity Project Director in collaboration with the Innive Development Team.

Published on: December 13, 2023

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