Cybersecurity Online Workshop 101: Creating Cybersecurity and Incident Response Plans

25 October 20238 November 2023
Building and strengthening cybersecurity in a district requires both a solid security plan and an effective incident response plan. This workshop walks attendees through the development of both proactive security plans to support district improvement and maintenance of cybersecurity efforts, and incident response plans to guide response during a security incident or emergency. Meets from…
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Butler University: Building a Modern Backup & Recovery Strategy

8 December 2022
Learn about Backup and recovery strategies for education with Jim Patrick, Infrastructure Architect at Butler University Learn about the threats against business data Learn about how you can implement a disaster recovery plan Investigate how to protect your devices, servers, and virtual machines Learn about challenges and lessons from Butler University Participate in live Q&A…
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Cybersecurity Insider Threat: Employee – Incident Response Online Workshop #1

19 July 202221 July 2022
Cybersecurity Insider Threat: Employee – Incident Response Online Workshop #1 Register your team for this Cybersecurity tabletop exercise where participants explore their roles during a cybersecurity incident threat and their responses on this particular emergency situation. Employee insider threat is the first of a series of three online workshops offered by CoSN this summer. Meets…
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