Digital Equity

Repurposing Educational Spectrum to Address Digital Equity: Case Study: Albemarle County Public Schools, VA

In this next series of posts from my work study, I will describe communities where school systems are partnering with city governments, business communities, and nonprofit organizations to "go big" in addressing digital equity. As we previously noted, digital equity is a community challenge, not solely one that can be solved by a school district.

Scoping the Digital Equity Problem (or the Homework Gap)

This blog is the second in a series on digital equity from CoSN CEO Keith Krueger. Read Keith's introduction to the series here.

In my first post I framed the challenge of digital equity in education: strategies that extend learning beyond the classroom in an era of growing digital content. In this post, I will highlight data on the scope of the digital equity problem in the U.S. 

Introducing Digital Equity & Schools Series

This blog post is the first in a series from CoSN CEO Keith Krueger.

Over the coming weeks on this space, I will explore digital equity and its implications for education. Specifically, I would like to share the strategies that extend learning beyond the classroom.

This series and focus arrive at an exciting moment for the CoSN team. The CoSN Board authorized me to do a Work Study this fall at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, under the sponsorship of Professor Chris Dede. I will study: