The exam is based on a formal Job Analysis and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions all of which are scored. Exam scores are reported to candidates as scaled scores ranging from 0 to 800 (rather than as raw scores). Candidates must achieve a scaled score of 600 or higher to pass the CETL® exam.

To support ongoing professional growth and help direct continued studies, score reports provide a summary of the candidate’s performance in each of the three major content areas of the exam.

Individuals interested in taking the CETL® exam need to apply online for the exam via the CoSN website.  The exam is offered via computer-based testing at PearsonVue testing center locations all over the world or through remote proctoring at a location of convenience for the individual candidate.  There are occasions when  group testing is arranged by a CoSN chapter or a school district, typically at an event. There is a minimum of five (5) confirmed candidates required to set up a group testing site.  Candidates must complete the application process which is linked in the registration receipt.  Applications are reviewed.  Once approved, a candidate will receive an Authorization to Test email that becomes their “admissions ticket” to the testing.  Once a candidate is found eligible, he/she will have 90 days to complete their testing.

The exams given through either method are the same.  In both delivery methods, candidates will receive their results at the conclusion of the exam appointment.

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