CoSN Role

Project Director


Laura Geringer, PumpkinBerry Consulting, has served as the Project Director for CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation initiative since July, 2020 and Project Director for CoSN’s EdTech Innovation Committee since 2023.. Over the past 5+ years, she has helped education organizations and institutions engage communities and create materials and experiences to further innovation in education.

Laura is a multi-passionate creative who uses graphic facilitation, project management, community engagement, and graphic design to help teams collaborate and co-create creative thought leadership pieces (practitioner guides, reports, experiences, graphics, games, and more). At the heart of her work is the belief that we can collaboratively bring about positive change in and through learning – and do so in a way that supports and energizes the people involved. 

Prior to starting PumpkinBerry Consulting in 2019, Laura completed a master’s in International Higher Education at Loyola University and conducted research on the experience of bilingual Francophone faculty in English-language universities.  Previously, she led a video production team in Northwestern University’s technology department, creating Massive Open Online Courses and other digital media to support faculty and departments. The work grew directly out of Laura’s undergraduate studies in communication and the project management skills honed through student film and philanthropy leadership.

Grounded in this experience, Laura brings a unique combination of creativity, organization, and heart to any project.  Through her consulting work, Laura authentically engages communities and create graphics and projects that reflect the shared values and work of an organization.

PumpkinBerry Consulting is a visual communication and project design studio that helps teams produce creative thought leadership work through graphic facilitation, community engagement, project management, and graphic design. At the heart of this work centers around the belief that we can creatively bring about positive change in and through learning – and do so in a way that supports and energizes the people involved. PumpkinBerry enacts this value by working with organizations and communities to leverage the power of visual media and design collaborative, value-centric projects, outputs, and experiences.