Melissa Tebbenkamp has served as the Director of Instructional Technology, and now Chief Information Officer, for Raytown Quality Schools since 2006. Melissa is a founding member of the Missouri state chapter of CoSN (METL) and has served on the CoSN national board since 2014. She was among the first 50 in the nation to earn the Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) designation. In August 2016, Melissa led the Raytown School District to become one of the first seven (7) districts to earn the Trusted Learning Environment Seal (TLE). Under her leadership, Raytown Quality Schools was among the first nationwide to move to large-scale server virtualization and was published internationally for the progressive approach to data center resource management.

Melissa has developed partnerships with many industry leaders and has served as a member of several national advisory boards. She has advised on several whitepapers and national best practice publications focusing on Title 1 funding, Student Data Privacy and Multimedia Grade Wireless. She has advised the FTC, Department of Ed, Future of Privacy Forum, CoSN, Common Sense Media, and Project Unicorn on key issues around student data privacy and data governance.

She holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology, with a concentration in networking and systems management and was named an Outstanding Recent Alumni for the University of Central Missouri. She has provided leadership on the CoSN national board, several CoSN committees as well as state, local and national committees focusing on the changing role of technology in education.