The EmpowerED Superintendents edWebinar Series will be back for its fourth season, starting on Monday, September 13, 2021. CoSN is pleased to partner with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and (as host) for this professional learning opportunity for school leaders. Thank you to ClassLink for supporting this effort!

Each installment explores technology implementations through the lens of superintendent leadership. The webinars feature a different panel of superintendents on each episode who share their leadership strategies on successfully implementing technology innovations for teaching and learning and running a school district. In addition, the superintendents engage in conversation with Ann McMullan, Project Director for CoSN’s EmpowerED Superintendent Initiative. There is no cost for webinar participants who are invited to share their thoughts in the chat and through poll surveys and question and answer submissions. Participants can also earn continuing education credits through the edWeb community.

I hope you will join us on Monday, September 13, at 5:00 pm ET for the first webinar of Season 4 of this series, “Learning Reimagined: Leveraging Technology to Meet the Needs of All Students.”  Along with my Superintendent colleagues, Dr. Carol Kelley Superintendent of Princeton Public Schools (NJ) and co-chair of CoSN’s Superintendent Advisory Panel and Dr. John Malloy Superintendent of San Ramon Valley USD (CA), we will each share how our school districts leverage technology to think about teaching and learning in new and innovative ways to meet the needs of all students, especially those most at risk.

My Superintendent collaborators and I will provide examples of technology implementations that we have each led to address the following critical areas:
1) Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction – Determining where students are and where they need to go to move forward.
2) Blended Learning – How best to combine face-to-face instruction and online learning to assure that the appropriate scenarios are in place that will work best in specific learning environments.
3) Family Connections – Recognizing that the role of parents and families in their students’ education processes changed dramatically during the pandemic, we will share how we will continue those practices that allowed parents and families to stay involved and connected with their students’ learning paths.
4) Social Emotional Learning – We will review examples of how technology tools are used to focus on the social and emotional well-being of staff, teachers, parents and students. During our webinar conversation, we will share strategies such as online “well checks,” special online resources created by school counselors, and other resources that leverage technology in our work to address SEL.
5) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – The pandemic allowed everyone to see how critical the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion have become. Together, our panel of superintendents share the changes they are putting in place to ensure that access to specific courses, technology devices, and the Internet is being developed and promotes the changes our current climate mandates.

Historically, this webinar series has had over 1,000 participants register for individual webinars. In addition, around 500 participants participated in the live webinar broadcasts, and others watched the recordings on their own time or listened to the podcasts. I hope that you can join in our discussion on Monday, September 13. You are invited to access the free registration form at:

My colleagues, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Malloy and our panel moderator, Ann McMullan, look forward to engaging in this critical conversation with you.

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