We got together with some of our Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal recipients and asked what guidance they have for those who are thinking about going through the TLE process. Here is some of the best advice, from the practical to the inspirational. Read on and start your application today!
“Work through the application process no matter where you feel you fall in regards to readiness. The application is more than simply a form, it helps to guide and challenge your team. As you work on the application, engage a diverse set of stakeholders to collaborate on the work. The TLE Seal is larger than your IT Department. With diverse stakeholders at the table, the seal application takes on a unifying property. The 25 Practices of the TLE crosscut the entire school system and allow all facets of the organization to see their part in data privacy and protection.”
* Jim Corns, Jr Director of Innovation and Digital Safety for TLE Seal recipient Baltimore County Public Schools
“Go slow to go fast. A Trusted Learning Environment is built on a foundation of trusted behaviors, which take time to develop. Systemic change does not happen overnight; real, sustainable change takes time to build. Begin with ensuring your policies and procedures are sound, start training and gain buy-in and the rest will fall into place.”
* Melissa Tebbenkamp, Director of Instructional Technology for Raytown Quality Schools in Missouri
“Hope is not a strategy” when it comes to protecting the privacy of our stakeholders. The task of starting the application seems daunting at first but the longer you wait, the harder it will be. I know for me it was hard to start not knowing if we would fail or not but we soon realized there is no failing here. We were always moving forward. Simply starting was making us better. Just start.”
* Dan Layton, Chief Technology Officer for TLE Seal recipient Zionsville Community Schools
“Use a project management approach for the application process. Break down the application process into tasks, assign practice and task owners, and track progress towards completion. Have a single project manager for the application process that is responsible for tracking and coordinating the collection of artifacts for all practices.
Use the application process as an opportunity for reflection on current practices, identify areas for improvement, and take action!”
* Bryon Kolbeck, Executive Director of Technical and Information Services and David Koonce, Director of Technical Information Services for TLE Seal recipient Lewisville ISD