This CoSN annual report describes our path of moving beyond the pandemic and our work to reimagine, redesign, and renew education.

In spring of 2021, our members began to plan for the transition from remote emergency learning to in-person learning in classrooms. Mask or no mask, temperature checks, and social distancing were all key questions in providing a sense of safety while getting students back in school.

In the fall of 2021, as students returned to the classroom, we talked about their resilience, the novel ways teachers had found to connect with students and families, and how technology had provided access to most students, yet too many remained unconnected outside of school. Many students, teachers and families experienced trauma from losing family members, jobs, and house insecurities. Our school systems were now attending to the social-emotional well-being of our students, educators, and families.

Similarly, CoSN underwent a process of reinventing itself during the pandemic, and we continue to strive to be agile in responding to our members’ evolving needs. The purpose of this annual report to CoSN members is to remind us of our agility and how we found community in chaos. Special thanks to our talented Board of Directors and dedicated staff who led us during this uncertain time, as well as the multiple volunteers and corporate partners who ensured that we emerged stronger. Together we are better.

Steve Langford, Chief Information Officer, Beaverton School District (OR), Chair 2020-2023
Keith Krueger, CAE, CoSN CEO, Washington, DC