30 Years of Leading Innovation January 2023 – December 2023 

This CoSN latest annual report describes our exciting work to lead innovation at warp speed. After 30 years, CoSN is excelling as a national leader in providing resources, professional learning, and connections for our members. 

At CoSN23 in Austin, TX, CoSN celebrated 30 years of collaboration, bringing 

high-quality resources and thought leadership to the nation. CoSN leaders from past and present joined together to celebrate the past and look forward to the work ahead for our organization. 

The work ahead continues to focus on cybersecurity, student data privacy, E-rate, digital equity, and generative artificial intelligence. What is different is the need to increase our pace to help districts keep up with the challenges and opportunities that come with educational technology. We are moving at warp speed. 

Special thanks to our talented Board of Directors, dedicated staff, and our incredible volunteers and corporate partners who are moving ahead at warp speed as we lead for innovation in K-12. 

Diane W. Doersch, Digital Promise, Senior Director of Information Technology FACTS Team, Chair 2023-2026 

Keith Krueger, CAE, CoSN CEO, Washington, DC