Technology is a vital aspect of this endeavor. Used wisely, technology can enrich learning experiences, empower students as digital creators, critical thinkers and problem solvers, and foster global connections. Technology can also help educators strengthen their instructional repertoires and collaborate with their peers.

Visionary, strategic technology leadership is critical for creating a systemic, digital ecosystem and preparing every child for the world of today and tomorrow. Making smart technology decisions in education is becoming more difficult, however. Technology is changing at breakneck speed—and the pace is accelerating.

The Driving K–12 Innovation series responds to this challenge. Each year, we plan to release three short, focused reports and a toolkit on innovation in K–12 education. We’ve commissioned an international Advisory Board of distinguished educational technology experts to identify, rank and elaborate on hurdles, accelerators and tech enablers of innovation. While technology is the common theme, this series will focus on the organizational and human capacity that impact the effectiveness of technology in education.

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