At CoSN, we have created a number of efficient, coherent toolkits that provide a support for our educators and members as they address specific concerns, improve the overall efficiency of academic operational systems, and initiate important conversations with their team that will provide a safer learning environment for our entire education family. Scroll below to find the right toolkit for you!

CoSN staff contact: Jill Brown, MA, Ph.d., Director of Professional Learning,

Digital Equity Toolkit

Student access to robust digital tools is key to their success as 21st-century citizens. Yet, many students have limited access to these tools, both at school and home. CoSN is working to close the access gap for learning no matter where the students are. Click below to download each portion of the kit.

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Empowered Superintendent Toolkit

Education technology is a growing part of any superintendents' role. In focus groups and interviews with superintendents nationwide, we heard that edtech projects inspire a lot of excitement, but also a lot of trepidation. To help empower superintendents in this area, we created an Empowered Superintendents Toolkit. Download Version 3.0, released in partnership with AASA, the School Superintendents Association, below.


Interoperability Toolkit

K–12 education institutions are increasingly looking to digital content and related e-learning technologies to meet evolving education needs and goals.

CoSN has developed this Interoperability Toolkit to help districts increase the interoperability of their academic and operational systems.

Cybersecurity Toolkit

Controlling access to organizational systems and resources is an essential element of cybersecurity. The traditional approach to access control has been to assign usernames with complex password requirements, generally a combination of up to eight letters, numbers, and special characters. However, in an era of sophisticated hackers and cybercriminals, this cybersecurity approach is no longer adequate. Download our new Authentication Management Toolkit to improve your security stance.


Student Data Privacy Toolkits

Protecting student data privacy is a critical and fundamental school system requirement.  But addressing legal requirements and community expectations for student data privacy while allowing for data-driven decision-making and technology use is a significant challenge. CoSN's Student Data Privacy Toolkit provides the guidance you need to create and improve your student date privacy program while building confidence and trust across your community.

The CoSN Student Data Privacy Toolkit consists of 3 sections, each designed to provide you with information to help support your work in protecting student data privacy:

Part 1: Student Data Privacy Fundamentals 

Part 2: Partnering with Service Providers 

Part 3: Transparency and Trust

We encourage you to download all 3 as part of your student data privacy resource library.


A series toolkit will help school leaders and practitioners initiate and facilitate crucial conversations that help them put the ideas from the series into action.