As we approach the end of a school year in which we continued to grapple with the challenges of educating our students during a pandemic, it is a natural time for reflection. Being asked to join the first episode of The CoSN Podcast with MindRocket Media Group provided an additional push toward reflection on things that went well and opportunities to improve. 
The first episode focuses on my district’s use of data to inform our progress on our equity initiatives, which are reflected in our vision to “create a positive learning environment for all District 97 students that is equitable, inclusive and focused on the whole child.” My superintendent, Dr. Carol Kelley, joined me on the podcast, sharing how this vision is the foundation for all district conversations, including those about education technology. 
The Technology Team’s part in advancing this vision relies in large part on translating both qualitative and quantitative data into evidence of what education technology implementations are working well for our teachers and students. At Oak Park, that qualitative data comes in the form of direct feedback from both teachers and students, while quantitative data comes in the form of edtech usage, demographic data, and academic growth measures which can be analyzed using LearnPlatform. We discuss, interpret and apply all this evidence to our ongoing professional development plans and edtech procurement needs. 
As we balance finishing out this academic year and looking ahead to the next, I know that our continued success rests on working collaboratively across departments and integrating technology in a way that works for our community. Our shared commitment to our district’s vision is the foundation for this work.
For more, listen to Season 2, Episode 1 of our podcast, Using Data to Address Digital Equity