As IT budget levels continue to be challenging, it's more important than ever to carefully evaluate the anticipated costs and benefits of proposed educational technology projects. CoSN provides a methodology and specific tools to allow K-12 districts to estimate the total costs and expected strategic benefits of proposed technology efforts. The Value of Investment (VOI) methodology can help districts evaluate proposed projects, articulate project costs and benefits, sell projects, and sustain projects.

Download the Methodology Flowchart

Blog: Using Value of Investment (VOI) to Guide EdTech Purchasing and Sustainability Planning Decisions by Frankie Jackson

An assessment of your proposed projects can help your district:

  • Evaluate whether a project is worth doing or which project offers the best value
  • Sell benefits of a project to constituents
  • Articulate the costs and benefits of a proposed or implemented project
  • Sustain a project when it is time to reinvest

VOI Tools

Download the Project Cost Estimator
Download the Project Benefits Tool
Download the Project Benefits Workbook

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