Who is Individual Membership For?

CoSN Membership is usually for a team, but there are exceptions, and we do have a level of individual membership for unique circumstances.

Individual Membership

An individual membership is available only to individuals such as graduate students, researchers and professors, or consultants. If you work for an institution or corporation, you are not eligible for an individual membership.

Retired Membership

CoSN’s retired membership is a great way for CoSN Members to remain lifelong learners, stay connected with the edtech world, and continue to build their legacies through volunteer work. If you were ever part of CoSN as an institutional or corporate member, you're eligible to keep working with us as a retiree. Don't let your benefits lapse!

If you have been a CoSN member through your district, your first year as a retired member is free. Additional years or new members are $25 annually.

Tech Transitions

CoSN's Tech Transitions program is a unique benefit for CoSN institutional and corporate members who find themselves between opportunities. If you are leaving your school district, you do not have to lose your CoSN benefits. You can remain a CoSN Member for up to one year as you transition to your new place of employment. This benefit will allow you to stay connected to the edtech community and the CoSN network, critical during your time of transition.

If you believe you qualify for any of these membership categories, please contact membership@cosn.org.