Renew Your CoSN Membership

Is your CoSN membership up for renewal? Follow the steps below to ensure you continue enjoying all the benefits and resources CoSN has to offer.

Eligibility for Renewal
Both primary and billing contacts are eligible to renew your CoSN membership.  If you are one of these contacts, please take the following steps to renew:

  1. Log in to the CoSN website
  2. Enter your login credentials (note: we changed systems in early May, so if you have not logged in recently you will need to reset your password)
  3. Go to MyCoSN
  4. If a balance is due, you will see the option to Pay once you're logged in.

Additional instructions can be found by viewing this tutorial.

If you are not the primary or billing contact, you do have the ability to pay through the QuickPay link.  If you would like to receive the QuickPay code to proceed with an online payment, contact

Important Dates
Please note that all memberships expire on June 30th. Renewing promptly ensures uninterrupted access to our events, resources, and community.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the renewal process, feel free to reach out to our membership team at