Driving K-12 Innovation

Hurdles are obstacles that make participants slow down, evaluate, practice, and then make the leap to better support teaching and learning. 

Accelerators are megatrends that drive change – sometimes suddenly and sometimes so gradually the implications aren’t readily apparent. 

CoSN Joint Membership FAQs

What happens when I sign up?
If you are a current CoSN member, your contact information will be sent to the Cybersecurity Collaborative who will schedule an onboarding call. During the call, a representative of the Cybersecurity Collaborative member services team will give you access to the private member portal and provide you with a personalized tour of member services. You will then begin receiving the daily Morning Security Report, the weekly Monday morning newsletter and meeting invites for all the upcoming events.


It can be difficult for IT Leaders to explain the importance of interoperability to education leaders who don’t have a technology background. Yet, interoperability has an enormous impact on teaching and learning effectiveness as well as costs. Improving interoperability can help districts make improvements across their entire digital ecosystem. IT departments could spend a lot less time and money connecting the systems that need to work together.

Digital Equity: You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure!

In Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better, the authors assert that it is not possible to make improvements at scale without first measuring the outcomes of smaller changes. In other words, without embedded measures in programs, it is not possible to intervene, anticipate, or understand if a change ultimately leads to systemic improvement.

CoSN + Cybersecurity Collaborative

The Cybersecurity Collaborative is singularly focused on one thing: the facilitation of a collaborative forum that allows like-minded individuals to openly share information that will collectively make us stronger, and better equipped to protect our enterprises from those seeking to damage them. Created purposely without a larger “corporate” partnership or agenda, we offer complete independence from any “corporate” priorities like data use or product development.

Interoperability and Raytown Quality Schools (Missouri)

I’ve had a strong relationship with CoSN and have supported its goals for quite some time. I’m a founding member and chair-elect of CoSN’s Missouri state chapter and was one of the first people in the U.S. to attain certification as a Certified Education Technology Leader. When the Trusted Learning Environment Seal was being developed, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Raytown Quality Schools being among the first cohort of TLE districts.

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

The plan’s strategic drivers serve as broad statements of where the organization will place extraordinary focus over the next three years, in the advancement of and guided by CoSN’s Challenge, Vision, and Mission. The strategic drivers are supported, in each case, by a set of initiatives that further define specific areas of work to pursue within the planning horizon. 

New Report Reveal Top "Accelerators" Driving Digital Transformation

In the latest addition to CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation series, the organization today published the second of three new reports, titled Driving K-12 Innovation: 2019 Accelerators. The report examines the top five most impactful technology megatrends driving the needs and skills that are expected of K-12 students and educators.