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Superintendents can make or break educational technology initiatives. They are responsible for ensuring that their school districts embrace transformative digital learning. CoSN collaborates with superintendents to assess their challenges and increase their capacities to lead technology efforts. We are dedicated to helping current and aspiring superintendents and district leadership teams to build on their knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Empowered Superintendents Toolkit is done in partnership with AASA, the School Superintendents Association. We are proud to announce our renewed relationship with AASA. Full details can be viewed in this press release.
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Advisory Panel & Endorsers 

CoSN and edWeb have joined together to present a monthly webinar series, "The Empowered Superintendent". On the second Monday of each month at 5pm ET, Ann McMullan, CoSN's Empowered Superintendent Project Director, interviews a variety of superintendents who share their stories and expertise on how they lead digital transformations in their school districts. Each month focuses on a different aspect of leading district-wide technology initiatives.
Cyber Security: Concerns, Strategies, and Solutions for Schools
Monday, November 11, 2019 - 5:00 pm ET
Guest Panelists:
Dr. Peter Aiken, Superintendent, Manheim Central School District, PA
Dr. Michael Lubelfeld, Superintendent of Schools, North Shore School District 112, IL
Dr. Donna Wright, Director of Schools, Wilson County Schools, TN

Empowered Superintendent Toolkit Version 3.0

Education technology is a growing part of any superintendents' role. In focus groups and interviews with superintendents nationwide, we heard that ed tech projects inspire a lot of excitement, but also a lot of trepidation. To help empower superintendents in this area, we created an Empowered Superintendent Toolkit. 

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Critical Focus Areas: Issue One-Pagers

Our Superintendent one-pagers are a comprehensive, consistent set of resources on various edtech topics that guide and empower superintendents and their leadership teams in leading the digital transformation. 
These materials will help superintendents communicate to stakeholders on important edtech topics: 

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Online Tools

Rate yourself and your team to determine your readiness to implement effective edtech learning environments in your school system. 

Superintendent Self-Assessment

CTO Self-Assessment 

District Leadership Team Self-Assessment



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