On Tuesday, December 12, more than 50 members of CoSN’s EdTech Innovation Committee and Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board gathered virtually for a joint meeting to discuss the Top Topics for Driving K-12 Innovation in 2024 that were announced earlier this month.

Together, they focused on strategizing how they might build upon the recently announced Top Topics in the coming year, helping educators put these ideas into action.

The Driving K-12 Innovation Top Topics for 2024 include:

  •         Hurdles: Attracting & Retaining Educators and IT Professionals, Ensuring Cybersecurity & Safety Online, Scaling Innovation & Inertia of Education Systems
  •         Accelerators: Changing Attitudes Toward Demonstrating Learning, Building the Human Capacity of Leaders, and Learner Agency
  •         Tech Enablers: Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), Analytics & Adaptive Technologies, and Rich Digital Ecosystem


About the Initiatives and Their Synergy

The Driving K-12 Innovation initiative features a global advisory board of more than 140 K-12 leaders, practitioners, and changemakers who engage in discourse about the major themes driving, hindering, and enabling teaching and learning innovation at schools. The result? A high-quality trend report that supports the use of emerging technology in K-12 education to transform learning. (Psst…the next report’s coming this February!)

Members from the Advisory Board joined the EdTech Innovation Committee (formerly the Emerging Technologies Committee), which meets monthly to create resources on the Driving K-12 Topics, and other timely topics as they arise. The Committee includes U.S.-based technology leaders, educators, and others involved in district leadership or setting technology directions for their schools.

Because these two initiatives have shared values and missions – focusing on the human-centric use of technology to support the success of educators, students, and other stakeholders — the groups came together to build upon their efforts and experience to drive innovation into 2024.

From resource sharing to session development to creating a digital playbook, the meeting attendees brainstormed ideas via Miro and in small groups to discuss ways to operationalize the productive work of the Driving K-12 Innovation Ad Board.

“Having the Advisory Board at the December EdTech Innovation Committee gave us a chance to help focus our committee work for the coming year,” said Stacy Hawthorne, co-chair of the EdTech Innovation Committee and Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board member. “This level of collaboration allows us to ensure our efforts are on point, and we are continuing to provide resources and opportunities that add value for CoSN members and beyond.”

Look out for our call to join a committee in Spring 2024 if you’re interested in participating on the Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board and/or EdTech Innovation Committee (open to CoSN members).

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AUTHOR: Stephanie King, Writer and Communications Manager, CoSN’s EdTech Innovations Committee and Driving K-12 Innovation

Published on: December 21st, 2023

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