It’s here! After six months of synchronous and asynchronous discussion, surveys, and more, CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation project is excited to announce that the initiative’s 2024 report has been released, in conjunction with its annual virtual Summit on Wednesday, February 7. 

Download the report (in English or Mandarin) today!


The initiative’s Advisory Board of global EdTech experts is composed of more than 140 members this year, with more than 70 being quoted in the 2024 report. This year’s report features three Hurdles (obstacles), three Accelerators (megatrends or catalysts), and three Tech Enablers (tools) all discussed in one digital publication. (See the initiative’s 2024 Top Topics.

The report also features a handful of detailed and/or new content sections, including:

  • Bridges: This section looks at key themes that arose in our discussions and surveys, Intersections and Professional Development. (Get a glimpse with the Intersections graphic below.)
  • In Context: This section explores the 2024 Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers compared with Top Topics of the previous five years to see trends.
  • Comparing the surmountability, intensity, or immediacy of the 2024 Top Topics: Every year, we report the “surmountability” of the Top Hurdles, “intensity” of the Top Accelerators, and “immediacy” of the Top Tech Enablers. In the 2024 report, we’re also sharing this information for the topics that the Advisory Board discussed but that did not make it into the Top Topics list.


For CoSN CEO Keith Krueger, the release of the report is one of his favorite moments of the year. “It culminates some exciting discussions that our talented educator Advisory Board of global experts have been having the last few months,” said Krueger. 

He added the importance that the report doesn’t necessarily have all the answers, but is a framework for thinking about innovation. “Too often, EdTech leaders start with the technology when they’re advocating for innovation,” he said. “I love that we flip the tendency and start with the why—the Hurdles. My hope is that you’ll use the 2024 report to spark conversation about where you’re trying to solve challenges in your school and your school system.”

Visit the K-12 EdTech Innovation webpage to download the report and find out more about the project.


Graphic by Karina Branson (ConverSketch Graphic Recording and Facilitation).

Special thanks to HP and Palo Alto Networks for being proud sponsors of the Driving K-12 Innovation project.

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AUTHOR: Stephanie King, Writer and Communications Manager, CoSN’s EdTech Innovations Committee and Driving K-12 Innovation

Published on: February 8, 2024

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