guideOne purpose of CoSN’s EdTech Innovation Committee is to build on the annual Driving K-12 Innovation Report and develop resources year-round that have the potential to significantly impact K-12 education. 

That’s why CoSN is proud to share that members of the EdTech Innovation Committee unveiled a new resource, Accelerating Innovation: A Guide to Leveraging the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Report, during their presentation at the recent 2024 CoSN Conference from April 8-10. Download the free guide now

How the guide was created

During one of the EdTech Innovation Committee’s recent monthly meetings, attendees were invited to contribute case studies, share examples, and draft content for parts of the guide in Miro, a digital collaboration platform. In just one meeting, the bulk of the content was complete!


With some additional content creation after the meeting and editing access available to those who contributed to the guide to share feedback, the resource was ready for soft launch at CoSN 2024.

How to use the guide

The Accelerating Innovation Guide is designed to be a “grab and go” publication for thinking through the Driving K-12 Innovation initiative’s Hurdles (barriers), Accelerators (catalysts or megatrends), and Tech Enablers (tools) that are the most important for your school or district, and designing ways to make progress around one or more of them.

The guide’s seven-step protocol allows you to, in short, identify the most important Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers in your context right now, and use that information to strategize and have important conversations with stakeholders, leading to the creation of an action plan that will help education technology leaders drive innovation in their school systems.

Similar to the Driving K-12 Innovation Report, this guide is meant to be a start, not an end point complete with all the answers. 

“EdTech leaders can utilize this resource to guide strategic planning and decision-making processes within their organizations,” said David Jarboe, D2 Harrison Schools, Colorado, and co-chair of the EdTech Innovation Committee. “The report’s framework helps in identifying critical issues relevant to their specific contexts and devising appropriate strategies to address them. By engaging with the identified hurdles, accelerators, and tech enablers, leaders can prioritize initiatives that will have the most significant impact on educational outcomes.”

AUTHOR: Stephanie King, Writer and Communications Manager, CoSN’s EdTech Innovations Committee and Driving K-12 Innovation

Published on: May 2nd, 2024

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