Executive Summary

School System Technology Leaders have a variety of responsibilities that are critical to the everyday function of the school and student learning. The purpose of this research project is to explore the edtech certification landscape in 50 states to discover what certification states have already adopted, their legal process for adding certifications and attitudes toward certification at the Department of Education level. The methodology used was a study of state Department of Education websites and short conversations with certification staff in those Departments of Education. This report and toolkit were made possible with the support of the Blaschke Fund.

Used the state department of education websites to find what credentials they offered as well as contact information for the directory that was developed. Phone calls and email correspondence with state department of education staff were used in the development of the case studies and individual research for certification background information.

Ten of the 50 states have some type of technology leader certification.

  • 4 states have an Instructional Technology Specialist certification or endorsement which is a continuation of a teaching or administrator licence (CO, MA, PA, NC)
  •  1 Instructional Technology Certificate (GA)
  • 1 Technology Specialist Endorsement (IL)
  • 1 Educational Technology Leader (LA)
  • 1 Digital Learning Specialist (NH)
  • 1 Educational Technology Specialist (VT)

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