CoSN and ASBO International unveiled a new toolkit for their members to help chief technology officers (CTOs) collaborate more effectively with school business officials (SBOs) to tackle common issues, streamline district operations, and focus on student success.
The resource, based on CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO and ASBO’s International School Business Management Professional Standards and Code of Ethics, helps school leaders identify opportunities to work together and guides how to get the conversations started.

Note: This document is currently under review, and an updated version will be posted soon. 

“A quality education depends on everything from what students learn in the classroom to the technology and other educational resources available to support their learning,” says ASBO International Executive Director David Lewis. “This guide provides tips and tools to promote collaboration between school district business and technology offices so schools can provide the educational programs and services needed to ensure our students are successful.”
“CoSN is thrilled to announce this valuable toolkit in partnership with ASBO; it represents the success that can result from technology and business collaboration in education,” says Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “We hope that department leaders in school districts around the world will use our toolkit as a guide to more effectively work together. This toolkit will allow school systems to enhance teaching and learning with new technologies, while overcoming outside obstacles.
The new toolkit highlights the following school district operating challenges and offers specific tips and tools to overcome them:
  • Education Resource Management: Scarce funding and increasing calls for accountability and transparency require SBOs and CTOs to work together to provide great value and high return on investments in IT and other educational initiatives for student learning, well-being and success.
  • Data Management and Security: With a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world, combined with new emerging technologies and the rise of the Internet of Things, come new threats. SBOs and CTOs must work together to protect sensitive student, staff and other school information.
  • IT Infrastructure and Systems Management: Technology is everywhere — we rely on it for nearly everything. And, as internet connectivity becomes increasingly essential to school district operations and classroom instruction, SBOs and CTOs should work together to meet rising demands for digital devices and 24x7x365 access to support learning. They also need a backup plan for when things go wrong.
  • Innovation in Technology and Education: New advances in technology and increasing interconnectivity require students to learn new skills to be successful and competitive in the global economy. SBOs and CTOs must work together to provide educational programs and services that prepare students for their future careers.