Since 2016, CoSN has conducted 21 Peer Reviews for school districts around the country. The purpose of this research is to discover commonalities among school districts as well as distinctions through the analysis of the Peer Reviews. Descriptive statistics about the schools and school districts that participated in Peer Reviews were collected to provide context for the key findings and point to potential limitations.

Key findings:

  • Most school districts need a technology specific vision, including a 3-5 year roadmap for technology planning.
  • It is necessary to build strong relationships and trust with stakeholders particularly around planning and implementation.
  • In an accelerated 1:1 environment, professional development is needed now more than ever for all levels and types of staff in technology.
  • Most school districts can be doing more to mitigate cybersecurity risks and contingency planning.

This report contains statistics, State Department of Educations’ K12 school district report cards, and school system/district websites. The aggregated survey results are from CoSN’s Digital Leap Success Assessment, the K12 districts that participated in the survey were primarily (98%) public school districts. The edtech best practices identified in the report were also supported by CoSN’s IT Leadership and the Digital Leap Success Matrix.

Published in 2021

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