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Dr. Allan Markley
February 23, 2017
As school system leaders, one of the most important responsibilities we have is to ensure that our students remain safe while in our care.  That means not just protecting their physical safety, but also the information that we maintain about them.  While there are laws at the federal and state
Beatriz Arnillas and Anne Boothe
February 22, 2017
Education professionals agree that technology is uniquely positioned to inform effective and personalized learning environments.
Dennis Fazio
January 24, 2017
Last year the FCC finished its rules for opening up previously restricted spectrum at 3.5GHz to experimental public use.
November 17, 2016
With the exponential increase of access needed to cloud-based applications for instructional and operational use, Internet reliability is becoming paramount in school systems.
November 4, 2016
Steve Smith of Cambridge Public Schools represented one of 28 districts involved in helping to inform the Trusted Learning Environment program.