Digital Equity Initiative

Student access to robust digital tools is key to their success as 21st-century citizens. Yet many students from economically disadvantaged families have limited access to these tools both at school and at home. CoSN is working to close the access gap for learning no matter where the students are. We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of the Digital Equity Initiative: ClassLink, CleverInniveKajeetLearnPlatform and Verizon

Digital Equity Toolkit - Updated June 2018

Students without home access to high-quality broadband connectivity are at a disadvantage, unable to realize the full power of digital learning. Only 3% of teachers in high-poverty level schools said that their students had the digital tools necessary to complete homework assignments, compared to 52 percent of teachers in more affluent schools—a discrepancy labeled as the "homework gap."

To address this key challenge, CoSN launched the Digital Equity Initiative. This effort recognizes the school districts that are building meaningful community partnerships and creating tools to help district leaders get started in achieving digital equity.

Learn more and download our Toolkit here

Featured Resources

Read CoSN Project Director, Susan Beardon's blog posts on surprising broadband usage in schools and on Digital Equity for the FETC about addressing the homework gap

CoSN and the Alliance for Excellent Education issued two resources - Advancing Digital Equity and Closing the Homework Gap and Advancing Digital Equity: An Update on the FCC’s Lifeline Program  

School-to-Home report: Understanding Why 24/7 Access to Broadband is Essential to Student Learning 
Closing the Homework Gap one-pager: Digital Equity Strategies for Learning Beyond the Classroom 

Be sure to download survey templates for students and parents, created in partnership with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University.


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