SEND (Smart Education Networks by Design)

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Advances in technology make it possible for students to experience personalized learning anytime and anywhere. But this can only take place if our school systems have well designed networks that support the increased demands of student devices and 24/7/365 access and that remain current in the face of rapidly evolving technologies.

In our first phase, with the generous support of Qualcomm, the SEND Initiative developed guidelines for network design and a checklist for district network planning. Currently, SEND II is building on that work in collaboration with leading technology partners: AT&T, Brocade, Cisco, ENA, Filewave, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Presidio, and Sunesys. Lead sponsors for SEND in the Cloud: ENA and Amazon Web Services. SEND II is developing next-level resources for building network architectures that can handle and evolve with new demands.

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The original Raising the Bar: Becoming Assessment Ready consists of Executive SummaryWhite Paper,​ Readiness Recommendations and Checklists, School District Case Studies, and Frequently Asked Questions.


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